Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Book Review of All My Tomorrows, Author Kathleen Sherwood

All My Tomorrows by Author Kathleen Sherwood is quite simply a wonderful book.  I started reading and was unable to put it down until I finished it.  I had to keep drying tears, which switched from happy to sad and back again. I felt as if Alex and Cole were more than characters; they really came alive to me. After I finished reading, I sat thinking how I hope I raise my son to be half the sweet, Christian man Cole is. And how I wish I was a witness half as much as Alex. I felt she kept reminding me all through the book to keep my eyes on God and I felt God speak to my heart through her. I still have the scriptures on my mind.  This book is a sweet, uplifting, Christian story about two people who truly live for God.  I highly recommend this book and look very forward to reading everything Kathleen has to offer!

Gailya Keller

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Review of Jake and Jesus, Author Kelly Hagen

Jake and Jesus by Kelly Hagen is a terrific story of a boy and his best friend, Jesus.  Jake honestly and clearly helps the reader to understand Jesus and why He is Jake’s best friend.  He brings to life the special relationship he has and others can have with Jesus.  I am excited to read this to my own young son and know, in it, he too will be able to understand how wonderful Jesus is.  I highly recommend this sweet book!

Gailya Keller

Author, The Secret of Smiley’s Woods

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Review of Uncle Frank and the Search for the Alligator King, Author Kimberly Thompson

Uncle Frank and the Search for the Alligator King by Kimberly Thompson is a terrific read you just cannot put down!  I was drawn into the book with its first page and then quickly into the story told by Uncle Frank.  I felt I was also sitting by the campfire waiting expectantly for more.  Not only is the storytelling amazing, the lessons concerning faith and trust in God are interwoven throughout the book in a special way.  This is definitely a book you will want to visit again and again.  I highly recommend it!

Gailya Keller

Author, The Secret of Smiley’s Woods

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Review of Doctor Luke's Assistant, David A. Todd, Author

Doctor Luke’s Assistant by David A. Todd is a very thought provoking read.  I was immediately pulled into the book and traveled willingly along in the journey for information.  Although this book is fiction, I felt I was able to see a side of the life of Jesus which most of us never think about.  I felt Luke’s triumph each time as he found someone who was able to impart information aiding in his research.  I pondered as I read and often stopped to allow the visual picture painted by David’s writing flow through my mind.  I felt I was in each place along with Luke and Augustus.  I have a new appreciation as to the work and effort which went into the actual writing of the Gospels during that age.  I am very impressed with this book and recommend it highly.
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