Friday, December 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Jesus!

So many of us are entering the busy time of year as the world presents it to us.  We have to rush to get that perfect gift for everyone on the "list".  I know I have minimized my list in a huge way after becoming a Mom.  It is so much easier to focus on making this time of year magical and special for my young son.  I must also find ways to teach him about Christ's birthday and still let him have Santa to.  There are also so many pressures on us to do things just the right way so everything will be perfect for everyone around us (who makes it perfect for us?).  This triples should we have family coming in from out of town or state.  There are so many time saving recipes and devices to "enable" us to "relax" and also get so much done in such a short time...ok, so here is where I is 16 days until Christmas...16!  Now that I have done my bit to add to the anxiety...

Everyone is telling us not to forget Christ.  There is no Christ-mas without Christ...and the list goes on.  Everyone is arguing over Happy Holidays versus Merry Christmas.  What does any of this really have to do with the real reason for Christmas?

We need to set aside time (yes I said the T word) and really reflect upon the love our Father showed us that very moment when His Son took that first breathe of air.  When he was still icky from the reality of childbirth.  When Jesus took His very first steps (figuratively) as a human baby.  Can you feel the way Mary's heart just overflowed with love as she started to nurse Him?  Remember that moment as a new mother how you felt so protective and in awe of this squirming bundle?  Mary had all of the feelings of a new mother but those had to be magnified hundredfold as she also realized she was holding her Lord.  God had chosen and trusted her so much to hand over His only Child to her for safekeeping.  How wonderful that must have been!!  If only we were all so close to God right now that He would have no problem giving us His Son as He did Mary and Joseph. 

Guess what?  He did.

God loves us so much.  I don't think our hearts are strong enough to really hold all the love God feels for people who get angry when we shouldn't and talk about each other...and sometimes are just plain mean.  I am so thankful God loves me as much as He does.  I know I will always stumble, but His Hands are big enough.  I know I will always cry to Him, but His Ears are always open.  I know I will always need His Love, but I already have it.

During this time of year, let's all make a pact with Jesus, for Jesus.  Let's all promise to spend time with Him.  I know we probably all have our prayer times and worship or meditation times, but I am talking about extra time just us and Him.  Just telling Him how special He is and how wonderful it is we are able to celebrate His birthday with him.  How thankful we are...just for Him.

Happy Birthday my wonderful Savior!  I hope all your birthday wishes come true!

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