Sunday, October 2, 2011


Mark 11:25

"And whenever you stand praying, if you have anything against anyone, forgive him, that your Father in heaven may also forgive you your trespasses."

I keep hearing the word forgiveness going through my head. 

We know as children of God, one of the main things we need to do is ask our Father to please forgive us for the things we do to sin.  We often focus on making sure we are "covered".  Sometimes I wonder if we give in too often to sin since we know we can ask for forgiveness and then be forgiven.  I am not referring to obvious sins such as theft, murder and things such as that.  I am referring to small, daily sins we often commit and don't even realize they are there.  Judging others in word or thought, gossiping about people and situations we know nothing about, and even something so simple as not helping another in need. 

We are not able to help everyone and there are times alot of people have alot more than we do, but what about the kind word, the smile, and the inquiry as to how someone's day is going?  Often times those things make such a difference in another's day and life and there are times others really need someone to ask how they are.  If we see someone and feel the need inside to speak to them, God may know they need that kind word and we should heed His voice guiding us.  

Is there someone who has done something to you?  Have you forgiven them?  I mean really forgiven them?  There have been situations in my life, I have thought I have forgiven the people involved, but found I really had not.  It is easy to say, I forgive you, but really hard to mean it in your heart and to truly give that hurt over to God.  When I have not given it over to God, I find a situation comes up again and guess what, the prior hurts rear their ugly heads.  Suddenly adding to the pain, anger, etc. which I am presently going through are the pains, anger, etc. I thought I had let go of.  Hmmm.  Looks like it didn't get forgiven.

I have found when I really forgive another, God takes the pain which was caused and all the bad feelings and He erases them.  I know, a magic eraser??  Really, if you give all to Him, the next time they come to mind or you try to think about that period, time, experience, and so on, you will notice the hurt isn't as sharp.  The anger isn't as strong.  God is taking it away.  

We are human.  Yes, really we are.  God knows this.  He understands us so much better than we could ever understand ourselves.  He made us.  He knows how hard it is sometimes to give up and give over.  It is ok...He is there for us.  I'll make an agreement with you, I will try very hard to forgive others and myself and ask God to please help me....if you will.

Lean on Him to help us forgive others, forgive ourselves and by His Love be forgiven. 

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