Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Keystrokes of Life

My workday begins at my employer's computer.  There are several tasks which must be done first thing each workday before everyone else comes in to begin their day.  This past Monday when I attempted to do the morning check of things, the mouse would not work.  It would move up and down and not allow anything to be clicked on.  Oh, no!!  What was I going to do??  I had a full day and needed to get that part done so I could address the rest of the day.  I changed the mouse with one I found in the computer room...nothing happened!  I just didn't know what to do to make it work.

I thought and thought and had to laugh at myself.  I had become so dependant on that one little piece of equipment, I was frozen without it.  Finally out of the dredges of my memory of a time so long ago when I was first learning computers...keys...yes, keys...the little things which used to be the only way to get anything done.  I kept hitting keys until I remembered the correct combination of keystrokes to open the files I needed to open, check the logs I needed to check, etc.  I was so excited at that moment!  I did it!

As this week progressed, I know, one entire day but whose counting?  I kept thinking over what I had needed to do to get the job done.  I started thinking about God and His keystrokes. 

Just as I had, years before, learned those simple combinations, God had planted in me other things I was unsure I would ever use.  Those small lessons in life we brush aside or simply don't realize are even there, God uses to prepare us for those situations we will encounter later as we walk our journey.  Sometimes we become so used to the way of things, so caught up in the world or drama, people's influance, we become frozen without it continuing to swirl around us.  But God has enabled us to reach out to Him and reach deep inside ourselves to pull up and out to better places and people and influences He sends into our lives!  How wonderful it is to be the child of One so Caring!! 

Never underestimate yourself or a situation you may have dealt with or are currently going through!  You never know how you may benefit yourself or another when you dig deep for the keystrokes God imprints in you!

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  1. I love the computer and keystrokes analogy. Thanks for sharing this insight!


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